The Electrum Archive Kickstarter,

December 2022

The Electrum Archive Kickstarter, DURF Jam 2022, Dragonmeet and more

November 2022

The Electrum Archive, DURF Jam and more

October 2022

The Electrum Archive, DURF Jam 2022, Barkeep on the Borderlands, and more!

September 2022

The Electrum Archive released, DURF Jam and Spellburns & Battlescars

August 2022

The Electrum Archive, Wyrd Science

July 2022

Time for another monthly Roundup!Early in this month, I published a supplement for DURF, called Wizardry! It changes up the magic system and adds a lot…

June 2022

GLIDE, Death in the Saddle, DURF, SKYREALMS and more!

May 2022

The Electrum Archive, Patreon, GLIDE and Skyrealms

April 2022

This is Lizard Mail, a (monthly) newsletter about whatever the fuck it is I'm working on at the moment. Subscribe to this if you want some updates about…